… very grateful for our experience with Yolanda.

When we made a decision to start looking for our first home, we talked to lots of people regarding whom to use. A family member recommended using Yolanda Mateo. It was explained to us that the experience for them was fantastic as they had gone through the process before. We were told how the experience was more about them and what their needs were and not about making the transaction. Yolanda did not disappoint. When we contacted her she took the time to get to know our needs and understood that there was a child involved in this and that education for her was very important. Yolanda was able to keep us in the area we wanted to stay in, didn’t push us into something we didn’t want and was able to explain to us a lot of the things we didn’t understand, while also bringing laughter to the process. The topper is she made the child feel involved. We are very grateful for our experience with Yolanda.

— Christian and Janella Farias